Each one of us is endowed with a lot more potential than we acknowledge ourselves for. In today’s hyper-competitive world, there is a need for us to nurture ourselves mentally to meet the challenges thrown at us every single day. We at Manas Sarovar Wellbeing Centre have the necessary experience and expertise to help you uncover your potential by helping you become Mentally healthy.

Our Vision is to help our Clients achieve complete Mental health and Wellbeing.

And our Mission is to give quality time, individual care and the best service at a nominal cost to each of our Clients.

At Manas Sarovar Wellbeing Centre, we offer you a wide range of Counseling and Psychotherapy services customized to your individual needs.

Issues Handled:

Fears and Phobias
Low confidence
Stress and Tension
Relationship issues
Work pressure

Being a Wellbeing Centre, in addition to our Counseling and Psychotherapy services, we also teach you certain life skills like Meditation and Relaxation techniques to cope up with your everyday stress. We offer you additional facilities which include a Quiet Reception filled with books to enrich your mind and a Pleasant Relaxation room for you to reflect, introspect, meditate or pray. A visit to our Centre, can certainly make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Our Facilities:

Counseling & Psychotherapy Room

Reception Area

Relaxation Room